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What are the Differences Between Coaching and Therapy?

Witter Wellness Collective is a peer support and individualized coaching practice dedicated to helping its members optimize their lives and live more authentically. Our services are not based on a mental health diagnosis or specific treatment plan.


If a peer group facilitator feels you may benefit from therapy, we will gladly provide you a referral. We are not a substitute for therapy and always encourage therapy if you feel you need that. Some people need both therapy and coaching support, while others want a community to discuss current struggles within a secure environment.

WWC is different because it hires peer group facilitators who share similar life experiences with group members. WWC employs people that aren't outsiders, so they have a greater connection with group participants. Each group facilitator goes through extensive training in Life Coaching principles and Matthew's Grow. Evolve. Transform (GET) Healthy through Collaboration group facilitation program.  Our group leaders embody the mission of WWC and believe in helping members grow, transform, evolve, and heal through collaboration.