Meet the Witter Wellness Collective Peer Group Facilitators. These individuals make our community experience unique.  Each facilitator has a personal connection to the group(s) they lead. They are here to share their lives, provide leadership, and grow with this community. These leaders can be considered as mentors, coaches, and confidants.  

We are always looking for new facilitators who want to share and grow our community. Interested? Apply below!

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Dr. Matthew (He/Him/His) identifies as a cisgender male, gay, disabled, Caucasian/Native Hawaiian. He is the founder of WWC and will run the peer support group Gays Who Thrive and (Dis)ability Cohesiveness.  Matthew hopes to rescue a dog in the future and a fun fact is Matthew’s highest bowling game is 299! You can learn more about Matthew and his passion for helping others here.


 Alexandra Axel identifies as a white, agender, queer writer who just completed a Masters in Social Work (MSW). Alexandra is passionate about trauma-informed care, community healing, and organizing for abolition. Alexandra lost their father, who first introduced them to the idea of group facilitation, in August 2020. Alexandra lives in Jersey City, NJ with a perfect pup named Hen, and prefers a name over pronouns (but they/them/theirs is okay!) Alexandra will be running Adjusting to Loss.

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Lewis (He/Him/His) is a gay, cis-gendered White male, twenty-something, who practices intentional empathy and puts creating a safe, growth-provoking space at the highest priority. Lewis is an encouragement and meditation coach located in NYC. Currently getting his Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Lewis is certified in CBT, EFT/TFT, Yoga, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and is a Reiki master with work in crisis management and holistic healing. He started his own wellness company, CourageousCare in 2019 and is thrilled to be working with Witter Wellness.

Lewis's goal is to increase the awareness of self and improve emotional health, self-esteem, career, and overall satisfaction with life. 

He loves animals, baking, music, and dogs. He will be running Queer Trauma Support (QTs!) Group.


Sasha (She/Her) identifies as a white, female queer healing advocate. She is passionate about supporting mental and emotional health through a wide range of alternative transformation techniques. Queer-centered experience and radical acceptance are at the heart of her practice. Sasha is an Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping practitioner. Working with her community to learn to regulate the nervous system and to consciously reprogram neural networks to align with an empowered understanding of self. Sasha lives in Austin TX, with her cat Spring. Sasha will be running Radical Acceptance - Building True Self Compassion.


Zomorah (She/Her/Hers) identifies as a first-generation Afro-Caribbean American.
She has completed her master's in education in

Therapeutic Interventions and is currently a doctoral candidate at Fordham University's School Psychology Ph.D. Program.


Zomorah's interests and passion lie in empowering Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) individuals through mental health awareness. Despite the under-representation of BIPOC counselors in psychology, Zomorah is hopeful that as more faces like hers are present in psychology, there will be more access and equity in the area. Zomorah will be running a group based on Black Women Empowerment.