Queer Men Thrive Complete!

So my Queer Men Thrive group wrapped up this week. It was bittersweet for me. These men I was lucky enough to share my time with every Sunday. They opened up their hearts and spoke their truth. It was beautiful to watch. All of them have provided testimonials that I am sharing with you all. I was thrilled that they got so much out of this group. My goal was to help queer men like myself navigate their intersecting identities and come to a place of confidence and empowerment. Through many tailored group discussions, these men could come together, disagree, but leave with a sense of comradeship and lifelong connections. I am beyond proud of these men and excited to hear about their successes in the future!

My next group will be starting Sunday, March 27th! If you have been thinking about joining, please reach out to me for more information!

Meet Sam!

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