Social Media can be Toxic

Today in my Gays Who Thrive group we discussed the effects of social media on gay men. The positive aspects is it brings us all together, it connects us with people around the world. It has helped us meet other gays. The drawback is that it shows an incomplete picture of someone life, as we all want to slow our best self but many of us are lying.

A big topic we discussed was body image. Sometimes seeing all these shirtless profiles who get the most followers is actually not healthy. The white guy with the six pack appears to be the ideal beauty in the gay community but the good news is this is changing!

We are starting to be aware of intersectionality within our community and be more accepting of difference (At least I hope so!). At the end of our group we discussed accepting ourselves at this moment, in this body, because we are loved.

I am learning so much from my courageous participants.

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