True Queer Connections are Beautiful

In my Queer Men Thrive group this week, we discussed the growth of each member. I had each man look at his queer identity and what shifted after being a part of my mentorship program. What strengths have they noticed in themselves, or strengths that were amplified by being amongst queer men? The men also looked at areas of improvement and things they wanted to work on to improve themselves.

The men discussed having a much different outlook regarding dating and friendships. We are not in charge of other people's feelings towards us. Some men will accept us, and others will not. We can't necessarily change how the queer community operates, but we can change how we perceive it. We can wallow in self-pity or make changes to do better, be better, and empower ourselves. A theme discussed is that we are not everyone's cup of tea, which is okay!

I felt we came together quite nicely as each member was allowed to receive feedback from everyone. The men discussed the positive changes they saw and how they appreciated each other's presence. I was impressed with how vulnerable, authentic, and emotionally present these men were. They were not afraid to get deep via Zoom with strangers who lived all over. We all have similar experiences as queer men, but we also come from different walks of life.

As my first cohort comes to an end, I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with queer men and see so much progress in a short amount of time. Connecting with others is a powerful thing, and I live for this.

Enjoy the rest of your week, friends!

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