What the HECK is Group Coaching?!?!

Many people ask me what group coaching means? So in this blog, I want to help you understand the differences between group coaching and group therapy and the benefits of both.

Group Coaching is what we provide at Witter Wellness Collective, which is similar to a support group. You are surrounded by people who understand what you are going through and who share a similar identity. For example, I run the group "Gays Who Prosper," which is oriented towards the common theme of being gay in society. With group coaching, members are free to talk about what they are going through amongst other gay men who may have a better idea of the struggles they share. Like Life Coaching, Group Coaching aims to help its members progress forward to achieve personal goals, provide support for each other, provide a safe space, and discuss solutions. Members can bring up anything that is on their minds and receive support. Group Coaching is thought to be an adjunct to individual therapy or life coaching, an added measure of support for someone. Group Coaching is not a substitute for individual therapy, and its goal is to make sure someone does not feel isolated or alone, even during this difficult pandemic. Group Coaching sessions are usually run by a life coach, peer support specialist, and for WWC, a peer group facilitator. These leaders share the life experience of the group they run and are sometimes licensed peer facilitators or mental health clinicians but do not provide therapy. These groups don't necessarily have a time limit, and an individual can join for as long as they need support.

Group Therapy is facilitated by a licensed therapist, psychologist, or another medical practitioner. These groups are usually centered around a mental health diagnosis like depression or social anxiety. They are usually time-limited (for example, they may run for 12 weeks) and have a curriculum, worksheets, and many times "homework" that the group member is encouraged to complete. They can also be based on identity (gay men, veterans who have PTSD) but tend to follow a manualized treatment and discuss psychoeducation about mental health symptoms and treatment strategies. These groups can also be an adjunct to individual therapy or even a step down after someone has received therapy and doesn't need individualized support. Sometimes having individual therapy and group therapy is what an individual requires.

So there you have it! A little info regarding the difference between Group Coaching and Group Therapy. Have more questions or interested in a group at WWC? Feel free to email me anytime:

May you find the support you deserve.

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