Adjusting to Loss

A support group for anyone who has faced a significant loss.

Service Description

This is a peer-led support group for folks who have faced the death of a significant person(s) to come to a space of mutual understanding among those who are processing grief. Because grief is non-linear, there is no time-bound qualification for participation: we may spend years or lifetimes adjusting to the loss of a parent, guardian, friend, sibling, child, partner, community figure, pet companion, family member or a beloved. The term "significant" is chosen intentionally to be inclusive of the various relationship dynamics that can impact and shape the grief process. Group topics may include: showing up to grief, unpacking the ways our identities compound grief, family/friend dynamics after loss, examining our relationship to change, cultivating a relationship with a significant after death. What will you get out of this program? 1. A group of peers that understand the non-linear process of grief. 2. A supportive space in which to unpack loss, including the parts of grief/loss that can trigger feelings of shame, guilt, and regret. 3. Honest feedback, accountability, and reflection from peers. 4. Normalization of the grief process. 5. A community of people who will help you understand the thoughts, behaviors, and actions that come up during grief. 6. Deepening trust that you can be held and cared for through difficult emotions. 7. A closer examination of your relationship to change. The Facilitator-Alexandra identifies as a white, agender, queer writer, abolitionist, healer. In August 2020, Alexandra lost their father to cancer and heart disease. The relationship was complex, painful, and--at the very end--deeply beautiful. Post-mortem, a new kind of relationship with their father emerged, one that could take all the time it needed to develop. There was no longer a rush or pressure to get things right in this lifetime. But with that peace also came anxiety about future loss, the fear of regret, survivor guilt, and a clenching sense of the mortality of everyone they love. So the grief process continues, taking unexpected shapes. Alexandra is showing up for it by showing up to their relationship to change, in the tradition and practice of Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Adrienne Maree Brown, Kai Cheng Thom, Prentis Hemphill and many other students of Octavia E. Butler. Please email with any questions. Current Group Times: Sunday (2PM) EST Sunday (4PM) EST Group times are in Eastern Standard Time but members can join from anywhere.

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