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(Dis)ability Cohesiveness

For anyone who identifies as having a physical disability

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Come join a safe space for people with disabilities to discuss struggles and successes with a group of your peers. People with disabilities have not always gotten respect in society and it is time we help support each other to be successful. This is a support group for people with physical disabilities to chat in a private space and get support. Discuss whatever is on your mind in a space dedicated to empowering people with disabilities to live their truth. Group discussions may include dating issues as a person with a disability, accessibility, advocacy, activism, abled body people and standards, family issues, traveling, sexual freedom, employment, mental health, friendships, and so much more. What will you get out of this program? 1) A renewed understanding of yourself as a person with a disability 2) Honest feedback from other members who are not your friends, so are unbiased. 3) Improvement in interpersonal communication and socialization skills 4) Improving confidence and voice 5) Greater sense of community 6) Receiving and getting support from others and working through conflicts 7) Learn how to be vulnerable and express personal issues in a safe space 8) Establish more personal accountability 9) Increase a sense of belongingness with others 10) Developing trust and building intimacy About the Facilitator: Matthew Matthew identifies as a White/Native Hawaiian, Disabled, Gay, Cis, Male (He/Him/His). He grew up in the Bay Area in sunny California. He had a brain tumor when he was two years old, and when removed he had a stroke that affected the right side of his body. He had limited use of his right hand, wears a leg brace, and has no peripheral vision in his right eye. Matthew grew up always feeling different and struggling with depression. Matthew never had many friends who also had disabilities and his goal is to create this group to help us connect with people who know what it's like to walk outside and show abled body people that we exist, we are just like them, and we are damn proud. Matthew looks forward to getting to know other people with disabilities who are living out loud. Please email matthew@witterwellness.com if you have any questions. STARTING JULY 17TH! Book your FREE intro session now! Current group times are: Saturdays (12 PM) EST Please note: All group sessions are in Eastern Standard Time, USA but members can live anywhere in the world.

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