Queer Trauma Support (QTS!)

A support group for queer-identified individuals

Service Description

QTs - Queer Trauma Support is a space to find empathy, community, and help with those who have gone through trauma and are queer. The experience of the Queer individual is complex and in today’s society can carry moments of emotional, psychological, and physical trauma; QTs is a safe place to vent, share, and look for refuge while on your journey healing from such traumas. This group will be grounded with the philosophies of encouragement, patience, respect, and openness. (I also try to make the journey of healing an empowering and joyous journey!) You can expect Group discussions, meditations, and more to help you find peace, inspiration, and community. This group is not a replacement for immediate emergency services. While it can be an addition to trauma therapy and counseling services, if you are in need of emergency attention please contact a medical professional. Please email Lewis, lewistrumane@gmail.com, if you have any questions. STARTING AUGUST 5TH! Book now! Current group offerings are as follows: Mondays (7:00 PM) EST Please note: All group sessions are in Eastern Standard Time, USA but members can live anywhere in the world.

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Cancellation Policy

$10 late cancellation fee if you cancel within 8 hours of the session time